It's about fast cars, sex, rock and roll.

I'm lying in bed with my hand
on my cock thinking about love;
and that girl,
the one I saw at the theatre.

she smoked
bet her hair reeked of it.

It's 8:30 in the morning
hard-hat steel toe painted pants and shirt.
two fourteen-year-old girls
giggle back seat bus brace-face a-cup training bras.

I want to fuck them and eat their pussies,
because I

care anymore.

I've been wearing my leather
jacket a lot lately;
and think about that girl I saw at
the theatre, and
her fuck-me-bleached-orange hair.
her bloodshot eyes
I bet you only smile when you cry.
We don't need drugs anymore,
do we?

let's meet behind Science World
and smoke half a cigarette.
we could do something banal
like coffee,
or dinner.
Perhaps we'd have sex;
but I wouldn't ever let you cum.


Travis said...

The pedophilia angle just gets cuter each time you use it...

tangerine said...

pedophilia schmelia, 14 is perfectly legal in Canada.

Saying that makes me wanna vom, just sayin.