Sorry if I offended any of you with my recent post,
but I honestly didn't see anything wrong with it, but
it's obvious that some of you didn't think it was appropriate for this site.
but none of you actually stood up to explain why?

I dunno.
I was under the impression that anything posted on Oscillations would be solely the views of the author, and that if someone disagreed, they could just ignore it. The whole reason why I loved this blog so much was that I felt comfortable with posting whatever I wanted, or however I felt, in what ever medium I wanted.

I guess the reason I became so enraged was because thats what I thought this place was, completely free of rules, yet still artistically oriented, and im kinda really dissapointed to see that it isn't that; or it is, but in moderation.
Now I don't hate anyone or anything,

"what does team oscillations mean to you?"


Travis said...

The fact that there are no rules or agreed upon standards on this site is the reason that this hasn't happened up until now. It's not my place to deem something too offensive or not a legitimate piece of "art", I was a little disgusted by the scandalous post that started this little dust-up, but that was entirely part of the piece. Disgust is a legitimate theme but it's also one that inherently draws the threat of causing *gasp* disgust and revulsion which lead to (for lack of a better word) censorship.
It probably seems like I'm speaking oxymorons, but what's there to say.

I don't think Oscillations currently needs an established set of rules and standards for posting, but it's important to take into consideration that there is a difference between posting something provocative and posting something offensive or insensitive.

tangerine said...

There's no need for rules, just some basic common sense. I think when it comes to something that involves other people you do have to take into consideration how your art is going to effect them. It is a communal blog because we are a community, and I don't think it would be right to just ignore something because it's not up to us to deem what is or isn't art. I was making no attempt to say that "this isn't art" but possibly more so "this art IS and will be extremely offensive to people involved with this blog."
Possibly it wasn't the best choice to go in and delete the photo, maybe I should have talked to you about it first, because I sincerely doubt that the photo was actually of what it looked like. However I think that you should have taken into consideration that after writing posts with hints at or blatant references to pedophilia, that also seem to glorify sexual abuse, and then you post a photo of what appears to be the naked chest of a preteen that you're going to offend other blog members in a way far beyond, "Eww, I don't like that."
No one wants to be involved with something where they have to worried about constantly being offended, especially when many of the members of oscillations use their writing as a form of healing. Not saying that that in anyway makes what anyone else has to say or do is suddenly more important than you, but maybe just take into account that constantly offending people is going to make them eventually want to draw away from the blog, and then there's no "community" left to the blog that you love so much.

Anonymous said...

cool. I understand what you both are saying, and will definitley take it all into consideration. So yea, I can understand why it offended you so much, apoligies. (for the record though, shes 18). I always thought my work to be disturbing than offensive, but its all a matter of opinion. thanks for ze feedback, I'll take more consideration in my future posts.

tangerine said...

I figured she was 18, I didn't think that you were stupid enough to post photos of anyone underage, nor do I think that you're actually a pedophile (at least i sincerely hope not) it's just that plus previous posts is like..yeah. Anyway, it's cool everything is settled.