Pamela Troyer @ 11:57pm September 13th said:
Re: whatsup PT?

get a new job. one you like and don't dread going to. save money. do something important or fun. stop taking so many drugs and you'll be able to soon know what has been a few days and what has been a month.

me: working at jules bistro on abbott st. working at cafe in school. not working at the end cafe for a long, long time. I hate that place. going to school, only taking 3 classes. (drafting, drawing, cultural theory) wanting to leave and never come back being degraded. doing stupid things. trying to save money but having it be WASTED on tuition and rent when it could be better spent on plane tickets. being busy. drinking and smoking too much. went to texas a couple weeks back. stupid place. fun though.

You, today at 10:05pm said:
Re: Re: whatsup PT?

I feel like I should respond with something inteligent, or poetic because escapism is something im huge on at the moment, thailand, running away and experiencing something new other than sex and cigarettes. I started smoking, djarum blacks. They don't taste like cloves so much as chemicals now, but I like them. cigarettes and vancouver go so well together.
Is school still fun and exciting? Im still sick of school, but i hate work. Work is fun though, did I tell you im in construction? Im learning so much, and im not quite as scrawny, but still quite scrawny.

Were so fucked up on our metaphysical fantasies, we can't seem to do anything anymore but smoke and fuck.
Degredation, humiliation; I know im great, but I'd rape myself in anger if I could, because im not doing anything great. Just sitting here with my finger up my ass making statements with an expiry date, temporaily legitimate representations about sexual disfunction, digital pixels and pedofilia.

But thats how I feel as far as accomplishment goes, so if thats what you were getting at I can probably relate.
My art makes me want to vomit, and I love it because its real like puke on a friday night, sucking cock when you're actually straight.

That's my life. Where do you want to fly to? What brand are you smoking these days?

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Travis said...

You know that these posts end up getting cut by the Archives/Contributors box, right?
Also: I enjoyed that.