ahhh oh m
lets pa;ay under her bed
even when she is looking because
you know
I dojn't really care
I want to experiment
I don't think it maters that I think
I know
I don't care
that I am straight
I just want to feel
pw power.
I want to feel that I can be loved for something
I don't care
who I am
I w I just want to feel that
I just want to feel loved
o or something
kissing...Im going to kiss you
and while I play with you under her bed I think that maybe I will drink more alcoohal.
because i t makes me feel more natureal
or something.
I don't really know
nore do I care.
it doesn't matter after this much.
I just want to feel.
and I want you to enjoy it too.
just let me kiss you.
please. please


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