The first thing Nadine saw after she fell out of her fevered dream from the night before were her own crossed fingers. They swam infront of her as her brain tried to decipher the meaning behind them. Had they been crossed when she first drifted into sleep the night before or were they only a lingering remnant of the dreams she'd already forgotten? She stared at them for a while longer, but as her brain slowly shook off the night's dust she rapidly lost interest. As her lucidity returned rapid, important sounding thoughts burst into her mind like a lynch mob.
The first thought was a panicked and irrational voice shouting "This bed is far too warm and soft to be mine! This is a foreign bed!" The voice was correct, Nadine was in fact laying in the bed of Isaac Yorke who was pretending to sleep soundly in hopes that Nadine would simply get up and leave without saying anything. Nadine recognized that the bed was not hers and she was able to deduce even in her barely-aware state that it was Isaac's bed. Contented, the first thought receded and allowed the next thought to be heard. It came in the form of a horrified sounding voice whispering "Oh Lord, I didn't..." a question which was answered by the third thought's mumbled query of "Where are my clothes?" Both thoughts groaned at the statement of the other and suddenly Nadine's head was full of innumerable voices shrieking 'what if...'s and 'who made the first move's and 'were we safe's in panicked voices.
The racket in Nadine's head was so loud that had Isaac not been dealing with his own mob of thoughts, he probably would have heard the sound drifting through the walls of her skull. Isaac had woken-up nearly an hour before Nadine, but at the first sight of Nadine's stirring he immediately gave-in to his instinct to 'play-dead'. Isaac is well aware that he was a bit of a coward. He too had woken up with his fingers crossed, but unlike Nadine, he remembered why they'd both crossed their fingers before they fell asleep. He thought he did anyways. (Ultimately his theory would prove to be false, but neither he nor Nadine would remember the wager with fate they'd made the night before until it was too late.)
While Nadine was busy attempting to recall the proceedings of the previous night, Isaac was busy plotting the coming day. He felt that he was obligated to do something considering it was his apartment, but he had no idea what. The most urgent concern on his mind was "What is the etiquette here; do I cook her breakfast or ask to take her out?" Unfortunately this train of thought, which would prove to be one which should have been followed, was derailed by the poor choice of using the words 'take her out'. "Oh God, does this mean me and her are going to have to go out? Are we dating now? Is this how people start dating?" Naturally, a landslide of mostly irrational and consistently irrelevant questions regarding the post-coital procedures followed.
As Isaac continued to feign unconsciousness Nadine was taking inventory of the past 24 hours, had she been paying attention to Isaac she'd have noticed his breathing was quick and panicked. Luckily for Isaac, she'd only briefly glanced in his direction since she'd awoken. Nadine had sorted through most of the problems in her head simply by redirecting them to the 'answer later' department of her brain. The only thing she was interested in at the present was discovering the reason she'd ended up in a boy's bed with her pants off, wondering "Was this my New Year's Kiss?"

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