Nothing Brings You Back

I didn't recognize our song from before
and even now that I know
exactly what it is and I sit here
holding out for that teenage feeling
it doesn't bring me back to a time when
it was funny to drink vodka and orange juice
then crawl under the couch
to better view someone else's painting

It doesn't bring me back to when her hair was
brown, naturally and his went sideways
like parabolas or a fear of bullets
when they were basically like an item
but not really but totally they were
when you could tell she was hurt
before you could tell she was always hurt
and would always be hurt

I don't understand why it doesn't
bring me back there
where are my incantations, my spellbook
my delorean
and where did these drums come from

Why couldn't we go back?

maybe I just don't need anymore
what it has to offer to me
hands and lips and a tongue
the first of few that get to count
the first of few that I'd
because now I don't want one of those
not one to which I'd owe nothing

No, these days we look for debt
for a balance that says
-pick me -pick me I need you now the same amount
I'll need you tomorrow and
even the next day
and the next day
forever and until ever after

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