modern art makes me sick

all of the people i should know,
all of the places i should be,
i must say,
modern art makes me sick.

being seen and being known,
having some contribution rightfully owned,

i know art is material but i'd like to transcend that ideal, it's a paradox
knowing that art is meaningful, meaning is formless.
however art is visible form.

i'd like to keep the art i create in the simplest of forms, without becoming so laughably vague

because if this is the reliant idea that should keep my art going, having a place in some social phenomena, where is that place within myself?
that place from which meaning erupts without form, into something with form?

the form is ground in which there is compromise, but the grandiose structures that are attributed to that form are the ones that dominate that compromise and place the art form into the completely objective realm, constructed only by phenomenal thought.

i seek to balance meaningful art and form, without indomitable structure,
the structure in which is initiated by critics of the social body, critiquing the form.

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Erin said...

I don't think one should ever compromise when it comes to their artwork. For me, at least, it's an extension of who I am. To compromise with my artwork is to compromise with myself.


art without form = rad.