concealing. (haikus)

the ceilings are high
here, my lungs are full of shit,
not unlike most things.

a day without maps
is like a night without stars,
i just want to puke

a little dizzy
from blacking out every night.
sober just as drunk.

disease, malfunction,
ability is only
a mindset if you

are not sick ev'ry
day in a body that seems
so smooth against cogs

so crunched in those cogs
you become the oil and you
know no one is free

together we can
find the edge of the world and
then find it again

the next day while we
anchor it to some heaven
that only exists

here in shaky hands
held by another's hands
less shaky and then

we'll take turns just like
seasons share a year and life
takes over death till

life no longer wants
itself nor death but something
less nauseating.

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