Planning Class Journal Entry for December 18, 2006: Travis Cannon Complains about the Gambling Presentation

Today was the day that we had the guest-speaker from the gambling addiction help center. I found her presence ridiculous considering that we’re a class of sixteen and seventeen year-olds who technically can’t gamble yet. I don’t mean to imply that I think gambling is a smart way to pass the time, and the presentation may prove useful for some people, but I could feel my life gradually wasting away with each word she spoke. I might have retained some of the information from the presentation better had I not already filled my disdain quota for the day; I’d already sat through an inane presentation in Psychology prior to Planning.
The part about that class that I felt was particularly idiotic was the group participation segment where we were lined up at the front of the class and asked to order a variety of events in the order of likelihood. According to her statistics the odds of seeing a UFO are 1 : 3 000 000 and the odds of winning the lottery are 1 : 14 000 000. Maybe I’m just being difficult, but those statistics seem pretty ridiculous to me. Not the numbers as much as the fact that, according to her, seeing a UFO is more likely than winning the lottery. I’d like to be the first to congratulate her on ranking an event that hasn’t ever been actually witnessed above an event which has happened. Sure, maybe her definition of UFO is different then mine (an alien aircraft,) but honestly I think that the activity was pretty stupid to begin with. Honestly, who couldn’t tell that winning the lottery was going to come out in last-place? It’s not like she was there to talk about the perils of drowning in the bathtub; which considering the average level of productivity in Planning class, doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.


tangerine said...

Travis, things like these are what make me love you more than life.

deesharp said...

this is not a bullshit post. This is a high quality comedic genius post!