Writing poetry is to me
what swimming is to turtles.
I love to walk on the land
and leave a clear trail in the familiar earth,
to lead others to a chosen point
in the most direct, clear way possible.
Swimming holds a different joy.
I must use the same language as I would on the land;
my legs are still what propels me forward,
but when in the water
they aren’t meant to leave a clear trail.
I take pleasure in leaving only modest ripples
behind my clumsy body,
a trail nearly impossible to find
and harder to follow.
I feel happy knowing that when I swim
only those who care enough to look;
to follow the secret trail of whispers I left behind,
will be able to find me.


deesharp said...

well since I already told you how much i love this poem...my only comment is....

where is the 'rock and roll' tag? HUH? WHERE IS IT???

tangerine said...

Travis my dear, this is lovely. I also think that you should from now on put a picture of me on every post you have.

Love love love

Where is the tag about how hot I am?

Adrienne said...

You can't eat a terrapin but people catch them anyway and then steal on of their scales and let them go and make the scales into earrings.