Heavy Metal

So, I'm sitting here at 5:00AM trying to write a blog post but instead I just keep reflecting on past posts. That's okay though because it's made me realize a recurring theme in 'my work'. The theme: Sex, Rock and Roll and Fast Cars. Take for example the semi-recent piece title 'In Metal' on the Blog; a delightful tale of catharsis and vengeance (like there's a difference.)
Fuck you, I'm not explaining how the themes of Sex, Rock and Roll and Fast Cars tie into that. Figure it out for yourself, it isn't hard. I don't need to hold your hand and I don't even fucking want to. Your hands are clammy and I'd rather just keep holding out for the same old ghosts. Anyways, besides In Metal there was also my English 10 provincial exam composition which was based on the cover of Sonic Youth's 'Goo' album; which reads "I stole my sister's boyfriend it was all whirlwind heat and flash. Within a week we killed my parents and hit the road." Again, pretty obvious connections to Sex, Rock and Roll and Fast Cars.
So, anyways. Like Whatever.
I didn't sleep tonight, I haven't been drunk in over a month and I haven't kissed a boy since last year. Let's change at least two of these things, okay?

This week's theme:
"Fast Cars, Sex and Rock and Roll"


Anonymous said...

should I organize some like..male,drunken,violent, orgy for you? One that takes place in very fast high speed cars?

sounds risque


Travis said...

You should be on MSN any time you are on the computer, Deanne. How am I supposed to talk to you if you aren't on MSN?

Anonymous said...

i was!


Anonymous said...

Ok I can get you drunk, but the rest is all you.