Bullshit, because I'm too exhausted and boring to post anything substanstial

my friend was right, my tits did in fact grow. It's sad that she noticed it a week before I did, and I work at a lingerie store.

Also I need to stop drunkenly making out with random men in bars who are in their mid to late 20s. I'm too young for this adult shit.


tangerine said...

I like when people have things to say about my nothing posts.

Anonymous said...

i think boobs are kinda cool i guess.
Sometimes I appreciate mine, most of the time I don't have any opinion though.

that's all. How was that?


tangerine said...

wonderful my dear, simply marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Since you started talking about your boobs, we've had 2 more subscribers to our RSS/atom feed. just sayin.

tangerine said...

I'll make sure to talk a lot more about my tits, vaggie, and sex life in future posts in a much less depressing and a much more tell all scandalous kind of way then.