my list

#1: I am too moldy

#2: I've never been great at being a friend

#3: I like these comox people Waaay too much, and I think my expectations are too high for Prince George

#4: Punks aren't the only cool people in the world.

#5: Last night was a weird dream but it only existed because I was outside his house. Don't over analyze.

#6: TOo much fun at work lately. Too much stress at home.

#7: Too much dependance on my wonderful wonderful friends who I want to spend all my time around.

#8: I don't like drinking because I love conversationalists too much.

#9: Grumps are lumps are frumps are often ~~~~>this guy <~~~~~~

#10: I still think about that stupid boy

#11: Sisters,Colleen,Corrina,Ayri,Andrea,Heidi,Travis,and Zander and Ryan are going
To be missed shitloads when I move in three weeks and I'm dreading not having such great friends in the same town with me.

#12: i got my graduation transcript today.

#13: Travis and heidi better hang otu with me tonight because I love them.

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