I've Made a Huge Mistake (And not the One You're Thinking Of!)

We can't spend our whole lives dreaming
but lately that's the only time I've been lucid.
When it comes to you, dreaming is all I can do
because when I'm standing the blood rushes
and it seems like a stupid idea to kiss you under a meteor shower
and it seems stupid to say that I shouldn't have ran when I did
but when I'm dreaming
the lies I've told are exposed
and I know better than to tell them again.

A stupid Poem
A stupid Mistake.

-and I don't know why I keep dwelling on everything and acting like if I had the chance I'd change things between us I would because the reality of the situation is that in six months I'll be gone and the perverse asymmetry of everything will be made apparent when you burn while I shiver.

it seems unnatural to begin sentences anywhere but the middle now because there is no use trying to relate how all of this got started, we just have to sit down and try and put the story together from what we've got.

This Week's Theme:
"Smooth Moves"

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