My Too Oftenly Accepted Asshole Commentary

and I wish the word had not become a stimulant to some grand idea of liberation.
You're fooling yourself if you think it empowers everyone.
My better half truly wishes I could stop cringing every time I'm at a party or somewhere that doesn't involve my immediate group of friends
where these overly bohemian types who have learned to embrace this weird ideology of femininity (the one foreign to my dominant-asshole-nature), enter the room- tossing out the word 'love' like it's synonymous with 'know' in a constant state of giggle-fits and smiles.
"I love you"
When did this become hip? And when did you even know me?
and that's when I want this definition of femininity to just fuck off and stop making everything so pornographic.
and I'd take all the cynical bastards in the world over these people.
You can't get stabbed in the back when there is nobody behind you rubbing yours.

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