Tour by Bus

An iron ring was built around this city
to help the people living here
get from one place to another
faster and with fewer breaks
for history
so they can forget
their city was built on bones
and skulls and other dead things
that will never decay because
we wont let them
like the iron ring running
all around this city to stop
the people living here
from getting too far in one
direction or falling out
of orbit or
oscillating wildly
so as to shake history or
each other
so instead they kiss
both cheeks
pulling each other close enough
to whisper "history
is not the only thing that
surrounds us."
and repeat
"set me free
set mefree
setme free
until the words
mean nothing to anyone.


OLED said...

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tangerine said...

I see you enjoyed your time in Europe my friend

Anonymous said...

way to show me up and write a post about europe before i did.

i forgot my login password. its a shame.

love sara