"save me"
said the little heart
candy solid

the day before
mid month, early spring

i sat and stared and i did what it said

little red letters
i could have literally swallowed.

of all the combinations of little red letters
of all the names i could have drawn from a hat
of all the days i could have made dreams in lucid
of all the resonance of senses static channels piercing, calm

of all the months i've been wondering about purpose
growing more and more and more and more alive.

how it resonates.

a tiny coloured bulb in a palm
forcing the daylight through fingers
ten times ten times ten times ten

till we all fall down,
waist deep
in another's pulse of water.


deesharp said...

Although you probably can, I can't wait until you come home in two days!

tangerine said...

your post in number 100, way to contribute, ass face.

Travis said...

this gave me the goosebumps on my back.