speech rustles its child's moan
from a trapped place below my weight
saying something sensitive,
young impulsive incoherent

something close to me fumbles into those water sounds
during sleep-starved nights,
i am low resounding.

a page like political landscape
all over me traces of invasion and misnomer
someone is threatening me from a cache of cold rhetoric in arms...

it's not too late and there aren't too many words here.

theories i can't communicate through simple terms
in bedrooms with more than myself
my lips are my own location, unread, undefined

keep forming, in formation
in secluded spaces, torn-off pieces
of articulated knowledge of self as it pertains
to what keeps the pages turning


Travis said...

Everything you write feels genuine and profound even when it's insanity.

Anonymous said...

i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you

only because you're my favorite person in the entire world and your writing is always amazing
(but shhh don't tell other siblings)

Anonymous said...

oh and I wish I was in vancouver sleeping on your painful floor.

tangerine said...

Best tag ever.