all rivers run south, all roads lead home

presenting myself like a Saturday afternoon playlist.
Where parents have left the house,the coffee is on, and we're dancing.

our every moments should be lived like these Saturday afternoons,
and we know it's true
So we feel it instead
Living it is feeling it
and I breathe in, I scream it, I sing it, and I read it like notes on a page.
And we're all fuckin' dancing.

like tap shoes on a monday
there's an orchestra of scuffs and clicks and shuffle-toe-heels.
there's this ambience of sound between particles of air.
It's what sits lurking between the verses
and wraps around your chest, squeezing your ribs until memories flood out like the Fraser, southbound and silty,paving a highway that's built for the
crashing and churning and twisting of water.
The booming echoes that all but the fish are too deaf to hear.
They travel underneath their crashing blanket
loud whispers
that flow down
reaching the pacific
melting into song.

you dip your feet into the ocean
tapping them like a finger taps 'play'
and I unravel from the water.

shuffle after shuffle,
chord after chord,
you strum me back out

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brodawg said...

miss you muchly