show us

everything moves slower even though we are constant.

everything where you want to go : encouragement, criticisms


complying with those people, audacious, telling you who they think you are

and really, isn't that who I am?

yesterday you said you were in an existential crisis, so today I drew a portrait of you with my left hand to prove it.
said 'look around, you wont find anywhere else or anyone else with this same guarantee'
SOLD! but I was not actually selling
I was reserving myself for a great sunday.
one with more self-nullifying behavior.

we are not bitter, so why do we keep framing our portraits as the same?
we are constant,
better than bad
we are constant, we are good
we are constant, but need too much backing up
we are constant
we are trying to sell ourselves on the idea of
and I'm failing at it,

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