'some kinda ecstasy'

just like i said i would,
i put cherry blossoms on the back of my tongue.
i broke every law, that is to say i denied every desire for the sake of other desires, which is to say i did not have faith.

this is what i have learned about faith:

sour oranges hide seeds like a poison scold

black cats run from me

the sun won't set at the top of the city

angels guard a person with eyes like theirs. children eat what tastes good, not what saves them.

angels watch a person who watches the city who reads the myths who suffers the loss of the city who slings the myth when they're just a child who does what feels good the way children do when they're watching and don't save the memory of angels, the myths they read.

grow like trees who hide grainy seeds in the pieces of themselves they're supposed to give away when ready, when sweet

time isn't real. it will melt in your mouth before you get the chance to memorize the taste of salvation

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