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"You are thinking much better than I do. What is the solution? What have you been taught? If you are drinking beer or messing with drugs than...-I know, I know, I have never messed with my chemical equilibrium-What the fuck are you talking about?: I am looking for a mult utility solution (including that last piece of the puzzle with that story about the cliff jumping)..because you thought it would save you, make you money on being a champion instrument.Too often these metaphors never make any sense or comparisons . We are unfamiliar with these personalities and accomplishments- it's not easy, but it's sometimes good....there are mile markers on the road to happiness but we are worried about bulk, so we simply delete these lines ( our lines, his/her lines, their lines, zee and zer lines) we are being removed- Okay I am about to permanently delete this entry- What I am trying not to say is in all these blog things...- Well shit, are you shy? Be assertive, learn to relax, reduce swearing, go places together, stop reading so much into anxieties and what you are writing about. You could read this 500 times and still not be aware of the current state of 'play' within it............ in this space of handy low-cost technology."

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