ahoy hoy

My writing is a body count to remember in broken pencils and ripped papers multiplied by a world surplus of disease and broken hearted angsty bullshit. It has many tendencies. Sometimes I like writing about seasons and nostalgia because I guess i wish that explained how insecurities and memories hang in the air. I write about the same topics incessantly. Friendships, people changing, emotions that are up and down, the good times, the bad times,self deprication, goals, bitterness, graduation, stress ,guilt, animals, family. The theme is the emotions behind anything and everything. How I think I really feel, how I'd like to really feel, how I honestly sometimes do feel.
"Don't write about emotions" Mr.McMahon put on my paper last year
" The emotions should shine through the writing, they should be implicitly understood."
But i know that's bullshit as half of my adolesence was spent in the staleness of implying and tip toeing around thoughts and self expression rather than honest communication,both in words that came from my mouth and in my writing. However, I didn't honestly expected any teacher to know that...but I still wanted to tell him that he really wasn't talking to me specifically.

So that's my introduction for those who are unfamiliar with my style...or lack thereof. I'm sitting here giggling at myself for first creating a livejournal, then a deviant art site, a fake nexopia page, a myspace, and now I'm part of an actual blog. This 'communal blog' does sound rather promising though. I'm looking forward to reading these, and I half promise to post something with more substance and meaning , but for now this is what I've got.

going the fack to sleep,

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