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Okay, well I've been asking around and it looks like this dream of a communal friend-blog is yet to be dashed! So far we have at least four people who have expressed interest in joining this Web 2.0 party; Tanya, Erin, Fairen and potentially Dee! If you're reading this and you are one of the above you probably already know that there's an e-mail from BlogSpot inviting you to become an author. Before you say 'Oh god! I don't want my thoughts on the internet!' don't panic! You can update the blog with whatever you want, whenever you want. I think it would be cool if we could get people to update regularly, but there's no pressure. You can update a frequently or infrequently as you wish, or not at all even! That little exposition will probably go somewhere on the blog permanently, so don't worry if you totally skimmed it!

Today is one of the days that Erin is back in town, so me and he and Tanya went into the Courtneyside and took excellent pictures of dead fish then ate some dead fish in a more Japanese environment. I meant to go up town to attend a Book Launch and get a Library Card, but the Book Launch wasn't where I thought it was and the library needs you to have a parent signature. This was ridiculous and to be expected of the Comox Library. I guess I will never obtain a copy of Naked Lunch, Howl or any other books by the beat authors of ye olde dayse. Today was productive nonetheless though, I bought a copy of the new Bonnie Prince Billy album and one of Neko Case's 'The Tigers Have Spoken' and 'caught up' with T. Prinz and E. Green.

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Travis Cannon

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