Like Girls in Stilletos

What do you write when there are no words? Or when the only words that are there are too ugly and hateful to become realized on the page? Do you just ignore them despite the way they percolate insidiously within you, or do you write them anyways despite their hateful nature? I guess that's the difference between a writer and an amateur, but which does which? Does the writer scribble the cold words despite their impact because he's honest? Does the writer know better than to write things they know will hurt the people they love? Do you sell hatred and loathing in hardcover or paperback? It's all just impossible.
Nothing here feels permanent. Friends and family disappear for months then return and nothing has changed. Family members leave, but return when they realize it's easier to change the thing that drove them off in the first place. Friends are content to pop pills until they're cold to the touch. The girls are happy to die for love. The boys happy to die for nothing. What do you do when all your friends are dead?

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