No Body Told You, But Everyone Knows

I want to take the ear rings that you've kept for all these years but will never wear
Because you think it's disgusting and barbaric to have piercings
And I want to wear them with pride through all these unnatural holes I've put in my body
Just to show you how civilized a girl can look with bit of surgical steel intertwined with her skin

I want to rip apart my skin and riddle my body with scar tissue
Because you've always taught me that the body is beautiful and should not be marred
And I want to destroy this beautiful thing you spent nine months creating
Just to show you how you've spent the last 18 years destroying what you've worked so hard to make ideal

I want to rip out all my hair at the follicle so that it never grows back
Because it's got me nothing but complements that have nothing to do with me
And I want to be bare headed and free of this detached beauty
Just to show you that I am more undeserving of any compliment than everyone else

I want to burn chunks of flesh out of my brain
Because memories are a vile thing
And I want to be free of them
Just to show you that you mean nothing to me anymore

But that would be a lie
But I want to be a liar
And have this fire swallow me whole
And leave nothing but my ashes


Moth said...

oh man, that was so wicked awesome

tangerine said...

haha thanks darlin

Moth said...


(I just read it again...ohh retro week...)