"they've" got it wrong

I've begun solving, and I'm beginning to think that

"they've" got it wrong.

Because it's not so much denial as it is confusion and disbelief

you can repeat those words forever in your head, but they don't say anything to you

No, it doesn't say much of anything to you. Not until, you recall back to the time those words were first spoken into your unwilling to listen ear, like the first time someone tried to teach you math.

The way addition only equaled greater confusion, and subtraction left you with a loss of reason that you could not bear.

Yet there was something there that told you to keep struggling, to hold on, that eventually, you'll find out why one and one want so badly to equal two

Why if you take one away you only end up back with one single number that sits waiting to be added back to some forgotten equation.

I wasn't never any good at math,

but I can only imagine, that when those words finally hit you.........well maybe then, for the first time, you'll find out the real meaning behind the word 'goodbye'.

and that while zero might just be a theory,
in existence is something that we eventually all live

I am still learning.

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