Sleep now little one, rest your weary head

Two summers ago, in a fit of rage, I ignored all my friends and took a nap in the shade.
They let me sleep there untouched, assured that the shade would keep my pale skin safe from the sun.
When I awoke several hours later, still embarrassed from my crying fit, I was burned to a crisp.
I got angry with them for not waking me.
They told me that while I was sleeping, dragonflies landed on me.
All different kinds.
They crawled on my face, down my legs, and flew away.
I walked into the algae filled water to cool my burnt skin, and watched the dragonflies with suspicious eyes.
Those areas, were home to many rare kinds.
Rare kinds that rested on me when I was in such an stressful state.
I looked at them and felt blessed.


Travis said...

Will you just tattoo your brain onto my skin?

tangerine said...

It would look very mushey and wrinkley and probably not pretty.

Anonymous said...

oh man. that totally reminded me of an awesome movie, BRAND UPON THE BRAIN. its good. watch it.

Also, you make me miss writing.

tangerine said...

then write :)