Brian Circa 1999

Brian was a vampire back in 1999. He fucked off and got fucked up under bridges and between buildings, fell out with his former friends and found salvation after six months between bars; trumped-up charges of petty theft and petty treason. He straightened out and suited up and sought out the real big deal they call real big money, despite all his former failures. Found a real sweet girl named Mitzi Montana, used to teach tots in Mississippi. She filed down his teeth and taught his tongue to take a breather when the cocky coppers started breathing down his neck and they had some killer parties. Now Mitzi’s Dad is a Marine, named Cpl. Frank Montana, and he loves his daughter’s boyfriend like a mother. Real Big Deal is Franky’s brother. So Franky phoned in some favours for his daughter’s vampire lover, and Real Big Deal helped Brian out; gave him a job counting cards for the cabinet. Until one morning Brian took out cross the fields like a fire, shouting sonnets in chorus with moaning trees; shouting “Liar!” He swore and he swears and he’ll swear off his chains, superimposed on his government registered ankles. He’ll swear and he’ll cry and he’ll claw at the sky, until it’s all become dust on dust. Until the terrible buildings have fallen from the sky at the peak of a terrific tremor, caused by shifting plates forced to crash and collide by the increasing mass of the ocean. Brain ran cross the field, and he reached the great marsh where there slept and old humbling dragon, and he wander waist-deep and he reached for his feet but found only more water and water. His murdered voice shook, and the marsh turned to brook and the mud turned to sand and the cat-tails grew lighter and lighter until they were no longer confined to the ground’s narrow mind and they floated away cross the distance. Brian no longer stood, he was now only wood; wood that clawed for the indifferent sun. He never lifted his feet, never slept, didn’t eat but just rotted and bloomed with the seasons, and if you crawled past the guards back out into the land you could find him all lone on a hill, where if you dug very deep through tight roots and cold clay you’d find filed teeth.