Sometimes motion

There's a fault line rumbling, growling,screaming at me to run out of the way before the earth and rock tear open and devour me entirely.
I'd yell back at it, but when you realize something really is impossible, that it's never going to work out the way you think it needs to, there are no words in all the dictionaries in the universe to form a sentence that would describe that.
I repeat in my head "sometimes motion is the only thing that keeps us alive", and hope that maybe we'd be better off if that were true. I'll keep believing it. I'll keep running,sprinting, walking,crawling. Keep moving around until the sidewalks crumble , until my feet are blistered, until I've pushed myself so far past all of this craziness that there is no earth.No ground. No foundation left to destroy me. I'll be baseless. There will be no ground to catch up on.
I'll be caught up.

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tangerine said...

You and me my dearest one, we're always on the run.