I Cannot Keep the Night from Coming In

“Why did the snow have to stop?” Kelsey sighed, looking out the window at the slowly melting winter wonderland. The question was rhetorical, but her father answered anyways.
“Probably because the boss is mad at your mom for calling in sick the last three days.” He mumbled in a goodnatured tone. Kelsey’s mother had in fact called in to work the last three days saying that she couldn’t drive in the snowy conditions. This was a lie, but it didn’t really matter in the greater scheme of things.
“Haha, I don’t think Jody has much control over the weather. Dad.” Jody was the boss of Kelsey’s mom, she was a family friend and had probably suspected that she was exaggerating the weather conditions.
“No, Kelsey, I meant ‘the boss’ as in God.” Kelsey’s dad laughed. He wasn’t really that religious, but he still believed that the cosmos were governed by an intelligent force.
“Dad, God doesn’t control the snow, Jack Frost does!” Kelsey joked, they were practically at the school already, they’d just pulled up to the busy four-way stop just before the turn-off to the student parking lot. Kelsey pitied the people who had to walk through the tall snow-drifts that used to be the sidewalk, but not enough to offer them a ride.
“Jack Frost doesn’t exits.” he sighed, pulling up to the curb where he usually dropped her off. There wasn’t much traffic that day so he didn’t need to worry about holding someone up.
“Neither does God.” Kelsey said monotonously as she slid her bag back over her shoulder and hopped into the tall snow.

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