This is no ordinary love

It was five minutes after she arrived home that she had remembered her keys were in the pocket of a pair of pants she wasn't wearing, and that she had no way into her home. She crawled onto the floor, and sat propped up against the wall beside her door. The hallway in her apartment building was dimly lit, but warm. She scribbled a pen against papers, writing down the genetic information of a family of calico and cinnamon coloured cats.
Then she fell asleep.
She had never realized just how comfortable the wall in the hallway outside her apartment had been, and she hoped that she would be locked out again soon.
Someone arrived and let her inside.
She grabbed her wallet and ran out to the car, waiting patiently for someone to unlock the door. She sat in the front seat, looking out for blue and yellow signs. She lost interest, and instead focused on the cars swerving in and out of the line in front of her. Something about it was very graceful to her, and reminded her of a dance. To her, the cars skidding on slush and ice were nothing more than ballet dancers.
The sun had set several hours ago, and now artificial lights lit up the sky. The stars don't exist here. A neon Santa Claus flew along the roof of the airport. It must be December. Puffs of exhaust fumes came out of the back of the cars, and puffs of CO2 escaped from the mouths of the people outside. Two older women hurried along a cross-walk, dragging a little boy behind them. His jacket was wide open, and blowing in the wind. He shoved a piece of chocolate into his mouth and looked straight at her.
She smiled.
He looked away.
The car was left running. She wouldn't be long. She ran inside the ever expanding building, and put out 414 dollars and 82 cents infront of her, handing it to the same man she had seen in June. She was fairly certain he didn't recognize her, but he was still just as pleasent. They exchanged money, paper, smiles, "Thanks you"s and "You're welcome"s. She ran back outside and into the car with a smile on her face.
The smile still won't go away.
In 23 days she would be sitting on a plane, on her way to getting to spend 10 days with her heart.

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