I was thinking today what a rad name "Michigan" would make...Then I wrote this little thing like 5 seconds ago, in like 7 and a half seconds. YUP.

He was a beautiful book across the way, folding beer labels with his hands, laughing at something someone said, something they had read some place...The talking was loud and I dimmed my mind to it. Friday night, yes siree. "I'm young, I'm young" I repeat over and over in my head, "I'm young, enjoy this, you fuck." It doesn't work, and I dim my mind further, fold a beer label with my hands, keep staring.

Michigan begins, it sounds interesting I tilt in, it's something she read somewhere about politics, I hesitate a moment, I don't know anything about this..."focus." I say in an old slow way, "just listen.." Oh no, I totally get this, it's funny. I'm laughing, watching him turn a page. He isn't laughing, just sitting there, but that's good enough. A God forsaken sigh. I've torn my label to shreds and now I'm swirling the pieces around with my finger. I notice that his, though folded madly is still intact. "I wonder what that means...?" I am struck down in my prime, despair takes me by the hand for a long walk along the shore with seagull sound and a cardboard backdrop of orange flare sunset behind. I muster a smile and aim it at the sticky table top, keep taring.

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Anonymous said...

seven seconds well spent