talking in extremes beneath layers and layers of earth

What scares me the most about the future
is not meeting new people, or the uncertainty of what is ahead of me

it's stumbling across memories
that remind me of what I am missing
and what will probably never once again be

and I'm not trying to be pessimistic
because I know there will always be good company who I can count on

but there is nothing that can make me fall to pieces
as much as progressing into the unknown
while never being able to forget what was

We'll always have the nostalgia that so powerfully shakes us
and the memories that are so intensely impossible to forget

I'll always have that
and that's what scares me the most

If I already know how to remember everything,I'll need to learn how to hold onto little

"we should always carry our history with us, but never let it bury us"

I'm gonna need a fuckin' excavator to get me out of this one


Travis said...

Pffft, it's more of an entry than mine. Also: it's a very good entry, give yourself some credit jerk ass.

Anonymous said...

oh travis how i love you so